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Pulmocap® Thymus

The liquid extract of thyme will loosen thick viscous mucus and has a pronounced anti-infectious activity

Pulmocap® Hedera

Pulmocap Hedera has a secretolytic effect which will thin out mucus in the respiratory tract and therefore acts as a strong expectorant

Pulmocap® Plantago

Provides a protective layer on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract to relieve symptoms of local irritation

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health

Whilst offering a portfolio of registered OTC phytomedicines / cough syrups with clear medical claims.

Guaranteeing a high-quality herbal composition

  • Pulmocap® Thymus : Monograph extract 10% m/m
  • Pulmocap® Hedera : Monograph extract 0,7% m/m
  • Pulmocap® Plantago : Food supplement; high quality herbal composition

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The right time to complete your OTC portfolio with phytopharmaceutical cough syrups

The right time

  • Self medication is growing sharply
  • Economic crisis and COVID-19 push self-medication
  • Positive attitude versus phyto: Bio & Eco = growing trend
  • Restrictions to current APIs
  • Codeine > Rx in most EU countries ( risk of addiction ; poor man’s drug)
  • Dextromethorphan > Rx in FR
  • As from Jan. 2020 the authorities have “banned” almost all cough syrups that have multiple active substances


The right Place

  • Public pharmacy is “the place to be” for high-quality phyto products
  • Phytomedicines availability to the public – via the pharmacist or other distribution channels – is optimal
  • Pharmacist is a trusted advisor
  • Pulmocap® can fill the gap of the cough syrups that became Rx or for which age limits have been applied

Better Health is Our Mission

We offer product engineering & development services in the pharmaceutical industry

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