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Diversify your offering

Revenue in the OTC Pharmaceuticals market amounted to US $ 25,601 million in 2020 . The market is expected to grow annually by 3.9% ( CAGR 2020-2025) ( Statista data )

Cough & Cold OTC medicines have become the most important OTC category and continues to grow steadily.

Our portfolio fits as well for companies that would like to complement their classic cough and cold range as for those companies that want to enter the cough and cold market.


Flexible Marketing

Lift on our own Pulmocap branding or use the private label approach.

Up to you to decide !
You can easily use your existing brand name and brand dress if this might facilitate the launch or market penetration of our phytopharmaceutical portfolio.


Excellent Support

The Phytomed team has strong connections with the medical sector and the academic world as well. 

We’ve created a full training program and prepared a set of basic marketing materials, such as a detail aid, leave behind, slide show, roll up banner etc… 


The available package of basic marketing materials can save you time and money and will help you to “kick start” your Pulmocap business. 

We’ll be glad to train your team

Quality, Efficient & Safe


High-quality herbal composition

We followed the advice of several KOL’s when building our portfolio. They recommended to develop mono Thymus, Hedera and Plantago products, containing top quality Monograph extracts in a high concentration, without using sugar, artificial colorants, parabens and without adding alcohol. 

In stead with added natural flavours such as eucalyptus oil with additional benefits. 


Efficient & Safe

EMA identified the most valuable phytoproducts with established efficacy & safety. Our products – being part of that list – meet the same quality, safety and efficacy requirements as medicines. 

Our  200ml bottle allows pharmacists and doctors to advise and prescribe a sufficiently long treatment course with the most appropriate product. They can select the one that fits the best based on the symptomatology of the patient. Furthermore we’ve invested quite some time in selecting the taste that reflects efficacy and on top is much appreciated by adults and children as well. 



 BE   BE-TU480213: Pulmocap Thymus, Siroop

 DE  92718.00.00: Pulmocap Thymus, Sirup

 ES  80289: Expectym 110 mg/ml, jarabe

 Fr  34009 550 132 4 2: Timifit, sirop

 LU  2016040081: Pulmocap Thym, 110 mg/ml, sirop

 NL  RVG 115349: Pulmocap Thymus, stroop

 PL  23861: Sallevia

 PT  5669817: Pulmocap Thymus, 110 mg/ml, Xarope



BE    BE496586: Pulmocap Hedera, Siroop

 DE  94365.00.00: Pulmocap Hedera, Sirup

 ES  81073: Hedetus, jarabe

 Fr  34009 300 608 3 4: Hedetus, sirop

 LU  2016110321: Pulmocap Hedera, sirop

 NL  RVG116637: Pulmocap Hedera, stroop

 PL  23410: Mituret

 PT  not yet available: Pulmocap Hedera, Xarope

Go To Market



The good news is that our cough syrups are available right now !

We already have registrations in 8 EU-countries: BNL, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Portugal.  

As a potential distributor, you can target several countries if you want.


Once your packaging has been finalised and the authorities have been informed, you can proceed with your go to market in those countries where we’ve obtained registration.

As we do have a full EU-file, all other EU countries can be added to that list rapidly. 


Ready To Launch

  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Luxemburg
  • China

EU / WW- scope

As our file is a European one with Belgium as RMS, the EU geographical coverage can easily be broadened to all EU-member countries. 

Good to know that the authorities of certain regions outside Europe, do accept EU files. This opens up interesting WWbusiness opportunities.

Coverage of EU-countries or regions such as Middle East… to be discussed. 

Our  coverage

List of countries where we do have registrations:
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Poland
All other EU countries can be added easily.

We are looking for more distributors !

To expand our market, we are looking for additional distributors.

If you’re interested in strengthening your respiratory segment with a portfolio of ‘green’, phytopharmaceutical medicinal cough syrups with proven efficacy and safety, please give us a sign. 

We will be happy to share with you and your team all related info. A Webex / Teams meeting can easily be set up and is the ideal way to answer all remaining questions you might have. 

Better Health is Our Mission

Phytomed delivers product engineering & product development services in the pharmaceutical industry

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