Pulmocap® Hedera

Acts as a strong expectorant

  • Acts deep in the lungs.The dry extract of ivy leaf has a secretolytic effect which will thin out mucus in the respiratory tract. 
  • Triterpenoid saponins humidify the airways and facilitate the evacuation of sputum, which explains their expectorant effect
  • Registered medicine
  • The positive clinical outcome was demonstrated with public double blind randomized clinical trials
  • EMA monograph
  • Well-established use

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Pulmocap® Thymus

The liquid extract of thyme will loosen thick viscous mucus and has
a pronounced anti-infectious activity

Pulmocap® Hedera

Pulmocap Hedera has a secretolytic effect which will thin out mucus in the respiratory tract and therefore acts as a strong expectorant

Pulmocap® Plantago

Provides a protective layer on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract to relieve symptoms of local irritation

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